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K9 Presentation March 15, 2012
WW Regional Airport Conf. Rm
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Benefits, training and qualities of K9 for Walla Walla County


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Our main focus is on acquiring and maintaining sufficient funding for the ongoing needs of the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office K9 program and to maintain a level of funding that will allow for the replacement of a K9 when necessary.

Our goals are to promote and further develop partnerships between the Walla Walla Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Walla Walla; provide equipment; develop and support programs as they relate to public safety and community outreach; and provide financial assistance to members of the Walla Walla Sheriff's Office and their families that have been severaly injured or killed the the line of duty.


Deputy Dogs

Deputy Farel

Our goal is to always purchase cross-trained (or dual purpose) K9s providing police patrol and narcotics detection services.

Currently Walla Walla County has two Patrol Canines. The Walla Walla Police Department has a Narcotics Detection K-9.

Sheriff K-9's Provide:

  • Officer Safety
  • Safer apprehension of fleeing felons
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Less overall time spent on searches (25 to 75% less)
  • Less total man-hours spent as K-9 searches require fewer deputies for same size area
  • Much higher percentage of found suspects (93% vs 59%)
  • Proven deterrence factor

Most people respect the badge,
everyone respects the dog.


Patrol Dogs

Patrol Dogs are trained for deputy protection, general patrol duties, area and building searches for suspects and evidence, vehicle stops and criminal apprehension.

These dogs are trained to find evidence such as guns, knives, wallets, bank bags, etc. They can find items in any type of terrain such as woods, fields, business parks or school complexes.

Utilizing a remote release, the dog can be called to assist the handler during a traffic stop.


Narcotics Detection Dogs

Narcotics Detection Dogs are trained to detect the presence of controlled substances such as Cocaine, Heroin and Methamphetamines.

The substances can be detected in locations such as vehicles, packages, residences, businesses, luggage, etc.


Cross-trained Dogs

Cross-trained Dogs are trained for more than one purpose such as patrol and narcotics detection or patrol and explosives detection, etc.


Every K9 team must pass Washington State basic certification prior to being put into service. For Washington State Certification Performance Standards for Law Enforcement or Corrections Canine Team, click here.

The Washington Certification requirements for canine teams can be found in WAC 139-0-915.


"Dogs do not require minimum wage.
They are happy employees as long as they are fed,
cared for, and allowed to work."
(Rapp, 1990)


K9s"The utilization of trained police canine teams for building search situations can represent a considerable benefit to police agencies (through a reduction in officers' time spent to search various locations) as well as a reduction in the fear of crime (through an enhanced apprehension rate of criminals). As the building size increases, the canine teams' time savings, accuracy, and subjective reported certainty far surpasses that of searching officers teams. When coupled with the safety factor, the utilization of canine teams is an outstanding addition to police agencies." (from United States Police Canine Association "A Study of Police Canine Search Teams")



Donations can be mailed to:

WW Sheriff's Foundation
1644 Plaza Way
PMB #609
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Please be sure to include your name and address. Donations are tax deductible.



If you would like to work with us in our endeavor to acquire Deputy Dogs for the Sheriff's Office, please send us an email to add your name to our list of volunteers.